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    So why should you think about promoting your site?

    Website promotion is the continuing process used to increase exposure of your website to bring more visitors. Many techniques such as web content development, search engine optimisation, search engine submission, and viral marketing can be used to increase your site’s traffic. Some examples are:

    Mailing list campaigns

    Mailing lists allow you to generate a specific response from targeted groups of customers. It’s a particularly useful tool for small businesses because it allows you to: focus limited resources where they are most likely to produce results. measure the success of campaigns accurately by analysing responses.

    Search engine advertising

    Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising.

    Purchase Pay Per Click (PPC) ads with Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, or Microsoft adCenter. These PPC ads appear on the search engine results page, typically both above and to the right of the organic or natural search engine results. Since they are keyword-driven, they can be quite relevant to what a searcher is trying to find. Your ranking in this list of paid text ads is determined by (1) how much you have bid for a particular search word compared to other businesses, (2) the click-through rate on your ad, and (3) your Quality Score, which reflects the relevancy and quality of your ad and the landing page it points to. PPC ads can be a cost-effective way to get targeted traffic, since you only pay when someone actually clicks on the link.

    Linking strategies

    Links to your site from other sites drive additional traffic. But since Google and other major search engines consider the number of incoming links to your website (“link popularity”) as an important indicator of relevance, more links will help you rank higher in the search engines. Google has a measure called PageRank that reflects the quantity and quality of incoming links. All links aren’t all equal. Links from trusted, popular sites help your site rank higher than links from lower traffic sites. You’ll find articles on linking strategies on our site.

    Contests or giveaways

    People like getting something for free. If you publicize a contest or drawing available on your site, you’ll generate more traffic than normal. Make sure your sweepstakes rules are legal in all regions and countries you are targeting. Prizes should be designed to attract individuals who fit a demographic profile describing your best customers.

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